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Hello Fellow Creekers,

Im Paul Diefenderfer, and Im running for a seat on the town council.  And.... I'm doing it on $0.  Why?  I want to demonstrate that good things can be accomplished on a budget.  (A side benefit is less paperwork for campaigns spending under $500.)  This plan works best if I get enough votes in the August 4th primary that I don't have to campaign for the November general election.  So, vote early and vote often -- I mean, ask your neighbors to vote for me.
I am a very hard worker with a good sense of humor -- two good traits to have when serving on a volunteer town council.  See my Platform page for more details.
As you might guess from this web site, I'm a straight talker and not into glitz for the sake of glitz.  I put my energy into the things that make a difference.
When it comes to weather, Cave Creek is cooler than Phoenix.  And, when it comes to lifestyle, the same thing is true, Cave Creek is cooler than Phoenix.  I am running for Town Council to keep it that way.
Id love to talk with you one on one, or with a group of your neighbors.  Call me at 602-509-1543.
Paul Dief