Paul Dief for Cave Creek Council
Keep it Creeker!

My Platform

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My Platform

1) Keep it Creeker

Cave Creek has been a very special place for me since 1975.  Cave Creek is a wonderfully unique town that can’t easily be described. 

Western - plenty of open space for lots of horses and trails to ride and enjoy. 

Artsy – there quite a few amazing artists in town along with a fine bunch of musicians.  

Motorcycles – Cave Creek has become a popular destination for motorcycle enthusiasts. 

Hiking & biking – lots of trails through beautiful desert landscape.   

Funky – a drive through the town core confirms that Cave Creek has a lot of unique, one of a kind eating and retail establishments. 

Low density – the town’s residential areas are generally low density and need to stay that way.  This is one of the best things about Cave Creek.

Dark skies – we can still see the Milky Way.  We need to enforce our lighting ordinance starting with an educational campaign to keep our dark skies dark.

Creekers are independent and passionate.

I want to keep Cave Creek the unique place that we all love. 


2) Finances

I am a fiscally conservative independent.  Being fiscally conservative means getting out of debt and living within your means.  I live this way, I run my three businesses this way and I think governments large and small should do the same.  I want to see Cave Creek get out of debt and spend available funds on projects that benefit the community.  Everyone, yes including you, should be involved in the process.

I am a data/fact driven pragmatist.  For example: some folks have suggested the town require the Roadhouse to use their parking lot for parking during Bike Week and not for vendor tents.  Their parking lot (about 100 spaces) would only accommodate a fraction of the motorcycles that are parked along Cave Creek Rd.  Getting rid of the vendor tents would not solve the congestion on Cave Creek Rd - it would only reduce the income generated for the Roadhouse and the Town of Cave Creek.  This suggestion makes for a great sound bite but fails the reality test and in fact would hurt the town financially.

Everything the council considers should be based on facts and good information.  Legislation based on great sounds bites is rarely a good thing.

Want an easy way you can help the town finances?   Buy local.  Yes it is that simple.  Every time you eat, drink and shop at a Cave Creek business you are generating sales tax for the town.   Get to know all of the Cave Creek businesses, including the ones around Cave Creek Rd and Carefree Hwy.  Learn what they have to offer and Buy Local whenever you can.


3) Open Space

Open space is a treasured and unique aspect of Cave Creek and has always been a very important aspect of Cave Creek.  Our Spur Cross Conservation Area almost became a private community and a golf course.  I am forever grateful that Creekers were able to permanently save Spur Cross. I am a big fan of private property rights and the ability of property owners to develop their property under our existing zoning guidelines.  The best way to preserve open space is to transfer it to the public domain with cooperation of the owner - purchase, gifting or possibly some other mechanism.  Taking private property by force (eminent domain) is never an option.

The more open space the better – as long as we can preserve it in a financially prudent way. Cave Creek is no longer the isolated community, miles away from Phoenix and Scottsdale. Our open space came naturally and free to Cave Creek until development moved north.  This is no longer the case.  It would be great to save as much open space as is affordable for our community to use for recreation and as a buffer to the ‘big city’ encroachment.

Creekers have historically used the many wonderful washes in town to ride their horses and hike.  We need to encourage and help property owners to allow folks to continue to do so.

Some people mistakenly believe that you are either pro-business or pro-open-space -- one or the other.  Well, I am pro-business because I am pro-open-space.
For example: motorcyclists don't ride through Cave Creek -- they ride to Cave Creek, and they spend money here.  These visitors are up here literally paying our bills, and I appreciate them.  As a town, we need to have our natural beauty pay to actually preserve our natural beauty.

4) Water

The history of the acquisition of the water company has been a bumpy road.  The details of running a water company are complex to say the least.  I think the town is on the road to having a well run water company.  I will do what I can to support good management and proper long term maintenance.  I am a big proponent of having control over items that are critical to the future health of our town so I am not in favor of selling the water company.




General Plan

Our General Plan along with thoughtful ordinances that are enforced will help preserve Cave Creek.  We need to approve it in this election.  Is it perfect?  It never will be.  This plan moves Cave Creek in the right direction.  It is a living document which will grow with the community.  Cave Creek citizens have spent considerable time developing the plan which the state requires every community to do every 10 years.  We need to acknowledge their hard work and approve the general plan.  More important than the plan itself is the council members you elect to interpret and implement it.


Wisdom of the masses

I believe in the wisdom of the masses.  The more citizens who are involved in public decisions the better.  I will work with the other five council members and mayor to make the best decisions possible for Cave Creek.  I will endeavor to engage the candidates who ran but were not elected.  These fellow Creekers obviously have a passion for Cave Creek and that energy needs to be harnessed.   I will work with you as a resident or business owner, to make sure your thoughts and ideas are considered.  There are no guarantees that you, or I, will get exactly what we want - compromise is key to ensuring a strong and vital community.

If you are not registered to vote I urge you to do so.  Registering can be done quickly and painlessly by stopping in at town hall.   Not voting is the same as giving your vote to someone else.  They may or may not have your best interest in mind.  Vote for me, or vote for someone else.  But please vote!


Projects I Want to Focus On

Completion of the walking path thru the historic town core.

Protecting as much open space as prudently and responsibly possible.

Public art throughout the town showcasing Cave Creek artists (at no cost to the town).

Reducing town debt and making sure we are on solid financial footing.


Please call me with your comments and ideas: 602-509-1543